Revilo presents F.N.F no.10 STEROIDS Ft Curse (clockwork)

More Clockwork action this week as we had CURSE up in this for the 10th in the series …. shouts to CURSE we defo working with you again soon son ….

Revilo presents F.N.F no.9 Pocketed off.

Revilo presents F.N.F no.8 New years Special ft Mistah Frantic

Crazy link up through friend of a friend/cyber world shit..the result Mistah Frantic in the studio this week for the New years special…big shouts to Frantic and Si Jelf coming through and killin dead right there and then…Listen,stream,download pass to your mam…alls good PEACE …and ohh yeah Happy New Year

and all the 10 tracks so far are easily browsed through here…..

Revilo presents F.N.F no.7 friday night music from Cali – Jeluseyez Takeaway

Not 1 not 2 but 3 beats selected by Jeluseyez and laced by both myself (Revilo) but the Basion Brolene too

FNF  WEEK 7 – comes special courtesy Via Basion Bro (the other half of the Legendary Group Jeluseyez) live for Rialto Californication… NEW LEVELS YALL!!!

Consider yourselves steam-rollered with REAL HIPHOP!!

Revilo presents F.N.F no.6 ft BirthM4rk HQ (REMIX+CIPHER) – Blakenhall Remix

Friday night flowathon Nuuuuuuuummbbeer 6 thats right 6 weeks on the trot 6 bangers …..well actually thats 7 because this week we switched up the B.O.R.N 2 anthem BLAKENHALL knocking out a quick remix then dropped a cipher session over one of MEMOREX’s latest beats double listen pleasure for the heads ….dont sleep on this BIIG!!

all the usual links for you to discover more …. peace to ma peoples

  • Yes .. you landed at the UK's best rap weekly presented by me Revilo... i am recording 1 track a week and posting it here and on soundcloud. Were getting guests in MC's, producers and vocalists to voice there opinions. 10min once a week is all you need to spend here to get supreme enjoyment. or get intouch via facebizzle..peace
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